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Lingarn is adapted from the Chinese term for INSPIRATION, Lin Gaan.

What we do;

  • We are a different kind of consulting group who are passionate about improving the performance of Individuals, Teams and
  • We work with organisations who want to become more agile, grow rapidly or just be better at what they do.
  • We help you achieve things that you thought were not possible.

How do we do it;

  • We listen to you, We cut through the noise and get quickly to the heart of the matter. Then we work with you to remove barriers and maximise the things you are already doing well.
  • We are straight-talking, sometimes painfully so, but we are also very sensitive to the environment and people we work with. We empathise.
  • We help you identify what is most important for your organisation and stay focused on that.
  • We help you bring together your People, Systems and Operations together in a co-ordinated, efficient and motivating way.
  • We build your capabilities in shaping Projects, delivery Change and in Leadership.

What we don’t do;

  • We don't write verbose reports, based on theories that could never work in the real world.
  • We don't patronise you, and we don't pretend to have the answer to every problem you throw at us. But we usually know someone who does!
  • We don't talk in business jargon.
  • We don't take on tasks where we don't think we can deliver great results.
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